Wednesday, March 01, 2006

As you wish...

Continuing the train of thought for my reader(s), I have taken all the qualified teams, and placed them in groups according to their FIFA rankings (latest as of February). Below are the teams, with their "seed" in parenthesis, and reading across should provide you with the 8 groups. Teams such as Turkey, who are ranked in FIFA's top 32 teams, but didn't qualify for the World Cup Finals, are omitted, and the teams below them are moved up a spot.

Group A: BRA (1), TUN (16), CRO (17), ANG (32)
Group B: CZE (2), IRN (15), CRC (18), TOG (31)
Group C: NED (3), GER (14), POL (19), TRI (30)
Group D: ARG (4), JPN (13), KOR (20), AUS (29)
Group E: FRA (5), SWE (12), CIV (21), GHA (28)
Group F: ESP (6), ITA (11), PAR (22), SCG (27)
Group G: MEX (7), POR (10), KSA (23), UKR (26)
Group H: USA (8), ENG (9), SUI (24), ECU (25)

Wow. To me, this looks pretty balanced. Three European teams in C and F. None in Group D. Two African teams each in A & E. Group of Death looks to be in E.

If my reader(s) would like to provide comments, I'd be interested in reading them.


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