Friday, March 10, 2006

Line up the Friendlies

Rumor has it that Team USA will be playing Morocco as one of their three final preparation games in May. I guess more than a rumor, now, it will be the first of three International Friendly matches, and will be played on May 23rd, in Nashville, TN. I've also read that we might be playing Latvia in our final preparation game, on May 28th, in Hartford, CT.

The second game will be on May 26th, in Cleveland, but who will be the opponent?

Who would you like to see play the USA in a Friendly preparation match?


At 14 March, 2006 21:58, Anonymous Euler said...

How is it for you to enjoy soccer in the US? Is there a prejudice against the sport? Do your friends look at you in a wierd way when you mention the World Cup?

Do you have Latin American blood on your veins? I would like to know the soccer status at the US.

I know that TV does not show the games live on TV, right?

You can write to me at my e-mail:

I was thinking about writing about that in the World Cup Blog.

Thanks man!


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